KOZANGUMI  instructors



Kozan Ishikura(SHAKUHACHI)  / Kaori Ishimoto(KOTO)


Kozan Ishikura(SHAKUHACHI)

SHAKUHACHI is Japanese Bamboo flute.

Tokyo University of the Arts(national university of Japan), Master’s Degree
Kozan Ishikura is a shakuhachi grand master holding certifications in the Tozan-ryu tradition.
As his father is a builder of shakuhachi, Kozan Ishikura grew up well versed in the tradition.
Beyond classical shakuhachi repertoire he enjoys playing rock and pop guitar, as well as Jazz standards.
Performing on traditional Japanese instruments, KOZANGUMI(TEAM KOZAN) covered the Lady Gaga hit song, “Telephone”. Published on Youtube in 2013, it attracted attention from all over the world going viral and amassing views in record time.
October 2013
Served as the opening act of the ITS World Congress Tokyo booth.
Covered the music of composer Ryuichi Sakamoto led by Yellow Magic Orchestra of Japan. Another hit pop song arrangement, “Technopolis / KOZANGUMI(TEAM KOZAN)” was released on iTunes Store, as well on the Amazon music.
November 2014
On the popular Nihon Television program “ZIP”, TEAM KOZAN met with and played for pop superstar Taylor Swift.
Their national television encounter can be seen again on Taylor Swift’s personal Instagram(Already erased).


Kaori Ishimoto(KOTO)

Tokyo University of the Arts(national university of Japan), Master’s Degree

She is a member of the following groups: Miyagi-kai Kyoushi(Master), Fukami Hougaku Kai, Mori no Kai, and Dousei Kai.

Ishimoto Kaori was born and raised in Tokyo.

Under the tutelage of her aunt, Fukami Satomi, she started learning Koto at the age of 6 and then started learning Japanese vocal and Shamisen arts during high school.

In 2008, she attended a Japanese and French cultural exchange program.

In 2012, she performed at the reception of the IMF World Bank’s annual general meeting.

In 2014, she graduated Tokyo University of the Arts(national university of Japan) of Performing Arts with a specialization in Koto music.

During her studies she won the Imperial Palace Contest as well as a Dousei Kai vocal recital prize.

She went on to perform at the university’s Dousei Kai recital for new professionals.

Further, during this year she also had the honor of performing in front of the Japanese Emperor inside the Imperial

Music Hall within the Japanese Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo.

In 2015, she was called upon for a workshop by the British Royal Academy of Music and performed at the British and

Japanese Embassies.

In 2016, she finished her Master’s Degree at the Tokyo University of the Arts(national university of Japan).